DIY Fail: Removing Set-In Deodorant Stains from Clothing

DIY Fail | Removing Deodorant Stains from Clothing

Stick deodorant sucks.

No matter how hard I try or what deodorant I buy, every dress, shirt, and bra that I own is slowly ruined by my deodorant overtime. My dark shirts develop white stains, my white clothing yellows, and my colored garments darken at the armpits. I hate it.

For the past two to three years I’ve alternated between the Degree Ultra Clear Black + White Antiperspirant + Deodorant, and various other deodorants I’ve purchased on sale. After fairly consistent testing, the Degree Ultra Clear deodorant performs no differently than any other “regular” deodorant. Several black shirts have been ruined by this deodorant over the years.

Frustrated with my ruined clothing, I decided to try two new things.

  1. I purchased a clear deodorant from Tom’s. So far, I am not impressed by this product. Although I love that this deodorant is clear, it is not an antiperspirant, so it does nothing to help reduce sweat.
  2. I tried an online hack for removing set-in deodorant stains.

While researching deodorant stain removal online, I came across several “hacks” to remove stains from clothing. One particular hack was to:

  • Mix baking soda, water, and lemon juice
  • Coat the deodorant-stained area with the solution for 30 minutes
  • Rinse off the solution with dish detergent
  • Wash clothing in the laundry
diy fail: removing deodorant stains from clothing
Left to Right: Deodorant Stains Before & After

After following these steps, I saw no positive improvement in removing the deodorant stains on my shirt. Although this hack was a total fail, I still want to try stain removal methods online to fix or prevent my current issue.

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diy fail: removing deodorant stains from clothing

Have you tried this hack or another hack to remove deodorant stains? Please let me know how you keep your clothing in top shape in the comments below.

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