Pan that Palette: Update #2

As a beauty blogger and lover, I buy and try a lot of makeup that I never finish. This year, I’ve made it my goal to use up my ABH Master by Mario Palette. Although I haven’t made as much progress as I would have hoped by this point, I’ve been making steady progress every month.

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The Transient Twenties: Moving & Chasing After What I Want in Life

As I write this post, I am sitting on a worn-out, secondhand couch left by a former roommate. Currently, this is the only piece of furniture in my apartment that is suitable for sitting. Like many New Englanders, I am moving out of my apartment on September 1st, so much of my furniture has been sold or given to others for free.

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Ride or Die Beauty Tag

The Ride or Die tag was created by YouTube Guru, Jaclyn Hill in 2016. The premise of this tag is to choose your ride or die beauty product within each of the below categories. I enjoy reading beauty tags, so you’re interested in hearing about some of my most loved beauty items then please keep reading!

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Facebook & Instagram Made Me Buy It

Social media plays a huge role in influencing the purchasing decisions of millennial men and women, since so many of us are actively engaging with influencers, brands, and our own network of friends and family online. Through Facebook & Instagram’s advanced targeting capabilities, as well as through the brand and influencers that we follow, we are being bombarded with a bevy of products in our feeds.

Recognizing the way social media impacts what we buy and how we interact with brands, I thought I’d share the products that Facebook/Instagram “made me buy”.

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DIY Fail: Removing Set-In Deodorant Stains from Clothing

Stick deodorant sucks. No matter how hard I try or what deodorant I buy, every dress, shirt, and bra that I own is slowly ruined by my deodorant overtime.

To stop deodorant from ruining more of my shirts, I decided to try a Pinterest DIY Hack.

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Mid-Year Skincare Empties

Investing in good skincare will have much better long-term effects for maintaining clear, youthful looking skin than color makeup. Unlike cosmetics, which only camouflage your natural appearance, great skincare can not only prevent future problems, but will actually lessen current issues. Additionally, for anyone looking to start a downsizing journey, skin care products are typically the easiest items to work through because they are used much more frequently than many color cosmetics product.

Please keep reading if you want to hear my thoughts on the following moisturizers, sunscreens, and treatments.

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Feeling Seen: Dunkin’ Donuts launches NEW! Gluten-Free Brownie

As someone with major food intolerances, my week was made a little brighter by Dunkin’ Donuts’ new gluten-free fudge brownie. This is the brand’s first gluten-free offering.

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Smart Consumerism | How to Make Better Shopping Decisions #1

Learning how to develop smart shopping and savings habits are essential parts of growing up. Unfortunately, for many of us, financial literacy is not something taught to us in school or by our parents.

Shopping can offer temporary relief from stress or sadness, but buying “things” does not equate to true happiness. Moreover, excessive spending can actually hold you back from living an active, engaging life, especially as you age.

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