ABH Norvina Palette First Impressions

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette First Impressions Review and Swatches

To put it bluntly: I have a major crush on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette. In fact, this is the first palette that I’ve seen in months that has truly made me feel inspired to be creative and to play with color.

When I saw the promotional photos of the Norvina palette across social media and read the release date information, I was hoping and praying that ABH would sell fans at Beauty Con an early release of the palette… AND THEY DID!

On the first day of Beauty Con, when the doors opened at 10:00AM (for those of us that bought early admission tickets), my friend and I booked it to the Anastasia booth. While there, we found out that ABH was selling 500 advanced copies of the palette. Needless to say, we both snagged a copy of the new release. Unlike the rest of the goods ABH was selling at Beauty Con which were on sale for 25% off, the Norvina Palette was full price. However, I found out afterward that they actually marked up the price of the palette at the show. (I paid $46 USD compared to the $42 USD retail price.)

Behind the Norvina Palette Creation

The palette is named after Anastasia Soare’s daughter, Norvina, and is inspired by her personal style and favorite colors.  Norvina selected these shadows for the new release.


Palette Packaging

Like the Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam palette, the Norvina palette comes in a soft, velvet package. I enjoy the velvet packaging, but the velvet is a pain for anyone who obsesses over keeping their palettes clean. Additionally, like other ABH palettes, this palette comes with a dual-ended brush and a large mirror.


Norvina Eye Shadow Description & Swatches

The palette contains 14 cruelty-free eyeshadows – a mix of matte, duo-chrome, and metallic pigments. Unlike its predecessors, this palette is half matte and half shimmer. The packaging promises a shelf-life of 18 months after opening.

Top row of shadows, from left to right: Dreamer (metallic pink champagne), Summer (foiled metallic golden topaz), Wild Child (duo-chrome frosty pink with magenta shift), Rose Gold (metallic rosewood), Celestial (duo-chrome plum with violate shift), Dazzling (duo-chrome bronze with violate shift), Drama (duo-chrome aubergine with cool bronze shift)

The bottom row of shadows, from left to right: Base (eggshell), Soul (wisteria), Incense (terracotta), Love (mid-tone cool pink), Volatile (warm charcoal), Eccentric (burnt orange), Passion (deep garnet)

Please forgive my poor bathroom lighting. L-R: top row, bottom row

All finger swatches were done on a bare arm, without the use of any primer base or Fix-Plus. As is likely evident from the above photo, these shadows glided onto my arm with just one light swipe of the finger. The formula is quite creamy for all of the shades except Wild Child (duo-chrome pink) Celestial (duo-chrome plum), and Eccentric (burnt orange). Those three shades felt drier and did not swatch as effortlessly as the others. Given that these the two metallic duo-chrome colors were the ones that drew me to make this purchase, I am slightly disappointed. However, some shadows perform much better when applied on the eye so I will reserve judgment until I get a chance to wear these shadows.

Additionally, the formulation of the shadows in this palette is super soft and powdery. Swatching produced a lot of kickback; I had to blow on my arm after swiping the colors down my arm. Although I don’t mind a powdery formula, be cautious that the formulation could cause you to go through this palette quicker than anticipated.

Where to Buy This Palette

This palette is available for purchase on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website for $42.00 USD. This palette will be available for purchase at Ulta on July 29th and on Sephora on August 7th.

Final Thoughts on the Norvina Palette

As a whole, I find the mattes to be superior to the metallic and duo-chrome shades. In particular, Base, Soul, Incense, and Love are my favorite shades so far due to the opaque pigmentation and ridiculously creamy formula. (Base is so creamy that it nearly felt wet to the touch. Also, I’ve never owned a shadow quite like Soul.)

I will provide an update and (hopefully) my first tutorial using this palette once I get a chance to play around with the colors.

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What do you think of the Norvina Palette? Is this something that intrigues you? Please let me know in the comments.

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