Mid-Year Makeup Empties

As part two of my Empties Review series, I will be sharing my thoughts on the cosmetic items that I finished this year. Between haircare, skincare, and makeup, I’ve finished the least amount of cosmetic products. During the first part of this year, I’ve finished 12 products – a mix of lip, eye, and skin products.

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Beauty Con L.A. 2018: Was It Worth It?

Ok, ok – I’ve gone a little ham with Beauty Con posts, but here’s the last post. 🙂 Also, this is my first time actually showing my face on the blog and I’m a little nervous. 

In this post, I will be describing the convention itself in greater detail to assess whether this is a worthwhile event to attend in the future. If you are interested in learning about my experience or learning more about Beauty Con L.A. then please keep reading.

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New Name: SustainingU now The Newbury Girl

SustainingU is now The Newbury Girl. Same beauty and minimalism centered content with sprinkles of wellness and sustainability.

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Thoughts on Hauls & the Beauty Con L.A. 2018 Bag

Beauty Con L.A. is an annual connection that connects beauty brands, influencers, beauty bloggers, and consumers based on the love of the beauty industry. The event draws in more than 20,000 beauty lovers from across the U.S. and internationally.

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Beauty Con L.A. 2018 Haul

As a beauty blogger and makeup enthusiast, I wanted to share the items that I picked up at Beauty Con L.A. All-in-all, I am proud of the restraint I exhibited at the event.

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ABH Norvina Palette First Impressions

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the few beauty brands on the market that doesn’t just follow trends. They set them. After the launch of the Norvina Palette in July, other brands started dropping their own purple-themed palettes. But does the ABH Norvina Palette live up to the hype? Keep reading for a first impression review.

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Mid-Year Haircare Empties

This year, I accumulated an insane amount of haircare (for me) due to generous gifts from family and friends, as well as due to holdouts from my Sephora Play! subscription days. This year, I am making a pointed effort to work through or donate much of my haircare collection.

As of June 30th, I’ve finished 17 products, however, since I’ve already discussed some of these products in a previous post, I am only going to review the “new” items here.

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BeautyCon L.A. 2018

I am stoked to announce that I will be attending BeautyCon L.A. this July! This annual event connects brands, influencers, beauty bloggers, and consumers. 

BeautyCon is premier fashion, beauty, and lifestyle festival held in New York and Los Angeles every year. At this festival brands, creators, and fans come together to talk about what matters in fashion and beauty culture and news. In addition to the traditional festivals held in LA and NYC, BeautyCon has the BeautyCon shop and BeautyCon Digital platforms.

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Starbucks to Eliminate Plastic Straws

Did you know that over 500,000,000 single-use, plastic straws are used in the U.S.A. every day? Although they offer drinkers convenience, plastic straws cannot be recycled properly due to their size and weight and are common pollutants found in the ocean and in landfills.

As we understand the impact plastic is having on the environment, businesses must learn to change their model. Can Starbucks’ recent announcement to ban plastic straws help influence other businesses to change their ways?

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