Project Panning: What Is It?

Within the Reddit and YouTube beauty communities, there are thriving groups that challenge the norm of the mainstream beauty community by working to change their over-consumption habits. Project Panner’s are individuals who work on finishing up beauty products – to reduce financial and physical waste.

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How to Create & Manage Your Beauty Inventory

Creating a beauty inventory is essential for any beauty lover looking to spend less or potentially curate his or her collection. While a beauty “inventory” isn’t exactly sexy, it is one of the most effective ways at tracking spending and curating a more refined beauty collection.

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Beauty Minimalism

Working to reverse my excessive shopping habits has been a journey. The past two years, I’ve been working hard to reduce the amount of clothing, accessories, and makeup that I own. This year, I will continue to try downsizing my material goods.

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Makeup Addiction: Breaking the Habit

Beauty Fanatic. Makeup Junkie.

Growing up as a young girl with acne, makeup was an essential tool for self expression and confidence building. Like a painter with a fresh canvas, everyday my face was a fresh canvas just waiting to be brought to life with color.

But what happens when a passion for makeup turns into something more? Is it possible to be addicted to buying makeup?

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